Our ‘Club’ Facility OR Flexible payment terms

Having a baby is an expensive time, so, for your total convenience, we at Everything Baby are delighted to offer you use of our ‘Club’ facility in order to make frequent smaller payments, taking away the worry of a large lump sum payment.  All we ask is that the full amount is paid on collection from store or at least 28 days prior to the delivery date of your order. Please refer to our Club Terms & Conditions for further information.

Club Terms & Conditions

On entering our ‘Club Facility’ the following Terms & Conditions apply:

  • A *10% deposit of the total amount is required to secure your item(s).
  • If an item is being specially ordered for you, a 25% deposit of the total amount being ordered is required.
  • Your item(s) will be held for 6 months from the date of your initial deposit, with regular Weekly or Monthly payments being made on your account. We will contact you to remind you should these regular payments not be made.
  • This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Therefore should you for any reason cancel your club item(s), you will forfeit your initial deposit. 
  • If at any stage you want to ‘swap’ the item you have in Club with another item, you will also forfeit your initial deposit (or should you have more than one item in club and you would like to swap one of the items, then only the deposit on the item swapped will be forfeited).
  • The above Terms & Conditions do not affect your statutory rights

*Offer may be restricted at sale times.

Please contact us if you would like to avail of our ‘Club Facility’ or if you have any questions regarding our flexible payment terms: info@everythingbaby.ie or +353 47 30829